Pre-order information

Why do you do pre-orders?

Blacklist Coffee Roasters roasts all their beans in Perth, Western Australia. They are constantly on the lookout for high-end single origins to add to a rotating list of coffees. Due to this, we do not keep stock of all beans in Singapore. To ensure you get fresh beans and with the visibility of what's coming up next, we will update our Pre-orders page which what is coming in our next shipment from Australia.

How often do you get new shipments? 

We have shipments from Australia every week.

How do I make a Pre-order?

Just place your order as per normal and we will send the beans out once we receive the shipment.

What happens if I ordered an item that is currently in stock and an item that is on the Pre-order list?

By default, collection or delivery of all items will only take place when all items are in stock. However, if you cannot wait for your coffee, you may pick up the items separately or arrange for 2 separate deliveries (chargeable). Just drop us an email and let us know what you prefer!

Can I make a request for specific beans which are not on your Pre-order list?

Sure! Drop us an email at and we will try our best to secure what you are looking for.